Guidance for Staff and Visitors

At St John Fisher Catholic High School the welfare and well-being of our students is paramount.

The school is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment.

Irrespective of your association with the school, be it as a member of staff, visitor or volunteer, we ask that whilst you are at St John Fisher you abide by our policies and procedures which are there to keep everybody safe.

Please ensure you where your identification or visitor’s badge at all times whilst on the premises.

If at any time during your visit to the school you have any concerns about a student your encounter you should report this to a member of staff immediately.

If you feel a student is a t risk or is the subject of abuse you must contact a Designated Child Protection Officer immediately.

They are:

 Reilly    DAmrosio
Tom Reilly

Deputy Headteacher

Jo Sennett 

Acting SENCO

Karen D’Ambrosio

Student Support Officer, Rochester House

 Hostead  Patel  jreid
Sue Hostead

Student Support Officer, Beverley House

Sheila Patel

Student Support Officer, Cambridge House

Jacqui Reid

Student Support Officer, Westminster House

You should report the following signs:

  • is the student bruised or do they have injuries?
  • is the student talking about violence at home?
  • is the student acting in a way inappropriate for their age?
  • is the student showing signs of neglect?

Please report anything that causes you concern no matter how minor it may seem

How to respond if a student says they want to tell you something or begins to tell you:

  • tell them that you will have to pass the information on and to whom.
  • don’t ask them to repeat themselves. Listen and don’t prompt them.
  • reassure them and tell them they have done the right thing by telling you.

Never agree to keep anything secret and make sure you pass the information on to the Designated child Protection Officer immediately.

First Aid

Any student exhibiting any medical concerns or who seems ill should be referred to a school First Aider, via Student Services as soon as possible so that they can be assessed.

If urgent attention is required, please dial 500 from any Internal phone to connect with Reception; tell them the student’s name and location and brief symptoms and they will notify the duty First Aider.

Health and Safety

Health and Safety issues are regularly monitored to ensure that the school provides a safe environment for all students staff and visitors. You have a responsibility to ensure that your actions do not put others at risk.  Please ensure you follow instruction whilst on site and do not operate machinery you are not trained to use.

Fire Evacuation

If the Fire Alarm sounds you should make your way, via the nearest exit, to the Assembly Point on the Tennis courts

Download a copy of our visitor’s leaflet here

Keeping Children Safe in Education

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