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Careers Leads

SLT Careers Lead: Mrs Natalie Reay

Careers lead: Mrs Donna Maudsley

Sixth Form SSO / Level 4 Careers Advisor: Mrs Louise Ahmed

Impartial Careers Advisor / Level 7 Careers Advisor: Louise Reeve


We aim to ensure that our students are prepared for the responsibilities and opportunities that they will encounter when entering post 16 and 18 pathways and further into the world of work and adult life.

St John Fisher Catholic High School is firmly committed to delivering a CEIAG programme that is fully informed by the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks. It our commitment to continuously work towards delivering a progressive CEIAG programme that meets all of the benchmarks objectives outlined below:

1.    A stable careers programme

2.    Learning from career and labour market information

3.    Addressing the needs of each pupil

4.    Linking curriculum learning to careers

5.    Encounters with employers and employees

6.    Experiences of workplaces

7.    Encounters with further and higher education

8.    Personal guidance

Please see our school policy for the CEIAG Policy and the Provider Access Policy


At St John Fisher Catholic High School, CEIAG is provided through a wide range of pathways which together make up our overarching CEIAG provision plan. These include:

·  Specific CEIAG PSHE lessons

·  Curriculum provision within subject lessons

·  Cross Curricular provision during curriculum time as part of non-subject provision such as focus days, assemblies and other events such as careers fairs.

·  Extra curricular provision taking place away from the classroom including opportunities as part of clubs, trips, sports teams, community initiatives.

·  Individualised provision such as individual meetings with an impartial careers advisor, subject taster sessions to inform subject options or work experience.

·  Parental engagement such as leaflets, parents’ evenings, options and open evenings or specialised information events.

·  Roles that students can play within the school, such as School or House council, Learning Leader or Prefect.

Here at St John Fisher Catholic High School, we subscribe to an independent career, college, apprenticeship and university advice platform called Unifrog. Students are registered and introduced to this platform from Year 7 and use it throughout their time and beyond at St John Fisher Catholic High School.

Involvement with Other Partners

At St John Fisher Catholic High School we continue to develop and maintain close links with a range of local and national employers, work-based education providers, colleges and universities. In addition, a wide range of organisation support our CEIAG events and initiatives, such as NEACO, National Citizen Service, Speakers for Schools to name a few. All partnership visits to the school are subject to our Safeguarding policy and conducted with the explicit consent of the Headteacher.

Links with Other Policies

This document supports and is under pinned by a range of school policies, including GDPR and Data Protection, Equality and Diversity, Safeguarding and Child Protection, Special Educational Needs and Looked After Children

Work Experience (Year 10)

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