The school operates a vertical tutoring system. This means is that instead of the school being organised into year groups, registering together, we have broken them up into four HOUSES. Each house contains nine form groups which comprise year 7 to year 13 students.

These form groups meet for twenty minutes in the morning and in this time they are prepared for their school day. They engage in group activities, house competitions, sporting challenges and thinking exercises. The purpose is to prepare them, challenge them and to stretch them.

The Houses are designed to offer a consistent experience for the student’s time in school. At the same time each House strives to establish its own identity within the school community.

The four Houses comprise two faculties with the staff from those faculties acting as form tutors. Each House also has a Student Support Officer (SSO) supporting the Head of House (HOH). Each House is named after an aspect of St. John Fisher’s life. The Houses are as follows:

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