In 28 degrees of glorious sunshine among 5000 school children we saw, tasted and smelled the English


At the end of the day, tired and hot the students commented on their favourite parts of their experiences:


George – the tractor trailer ride gave me a rest
Ben – I liked the jam tasting
Ibrahim – I liked the escaped hound
Ornella – I heard the dogs heart beating through a stethoscope
Erik – I ground rape seed into oil
Rebecca – I enjoyed the food show, I made burgers and tasted raw corn on the cob
Joana – I liked the white horse
Mykolas – I didn’t know sheep were so soft
Fabio – I learned how to make flour from wheat
Skye – I liked the horse
Nikolas – the tractors were the best
Zhanyr – I sat in the biggest tractor
Mrs Hostead – There was a spotty pig called Sue, I wanted to take her home but they wouldn’t let me


In amongst 5000 children Mrs Avory bumped in to  her grandson who was there with his class.

Food & Farming Day

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