Sixth Form Applications

As a Catholic school we expect all Post 16 students to demonstrate our core values: service, care and respect for everyone in all aspects of their day to day life. We aim to prepare you for higher education and working life. Therefore we have created opportunities where you are given more freedom and rights but also have greater responsibilities.

Sixth Form life will offer you many new experiences and opportunities. St John Fisher Sixth Form is a place where all students are valued as unique and given a great deal of time and attention by tutors and teachers. Our teachers have great insight into students’ strengths and can help work on areas for improvement with the students themselves.

We have produced 3 videos to give you an idea of the school 

Video 1: Click Here 

Video 2: Click Here 

Video 3: Click Here 

If you would like a copy of our Post 16 Prospectus you can download a copy HERE or contact the school on 01733 343646 and we will post a copy to you. 

The closing date for Post 16 applications is Friday 15 December 2023. Applications received after this date will be considered as Late applications and may not be processed until after the GCSE examination results have been received.

Click HERE to view the Post 16 Prospectus.

Click HERE for the Post 16 Digital Application Form

Click HERE for the Post 16 Printer Friendly Application Form

Post 16 Admissions Criteria

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